Pitch@Palace Estonia

The Duke of York held Pitch@Palace Estonia at Latitude59 on 1st June, 2016.

Pitch@Palace Estonia is part of Pitch@Palace Global which aims to bring together and showcase Entrepreneurs from a number of key markets. Pitch@Palace Estonia aimed to support Entrepreneurs, from, and connected to, Estonia with the amplification and acceleration of their business ideas.

His Royal Highness said “I am excited to be broadening our community to an international network with the launch of Pitch@Palace Global this year.  I look forward to inviting our winners today to the UK to Pitch at Pitch@Palace Global in December.”

Nine Tech Entrepreneurs Pitched to an audience at the Tallinn Creative Hub before the winners were announced.

The winners of Pitch@Palace Estonia were RangeForce and Timbeter.

The winners of Pitch@Palace Estonia will Pitch at St. James’s Palace as part of Pitch@Palace Global on 7th December, 2016.

CoModule was voted audience favourite at Pitch@Palace Estonia.

Find out more about the Pitch@Palace Estonia Entrepreneurs:

3D Creationist

3D Creationist is a 3D modelling app enabling users to create their own 3D models and animations.

Find out more: http://3dcreationist.com Follow on Twitter: @3DCreationist

Bike iD

Bike iD provides bicycle insurance through an easy-to-use mobile app.

Find out more: www.bike-id.eu Follow on Twitter: @bikeidregistry


CoModule is an Internet of Things platform for bicycle and scooter connectivity.

Find out more: www.comodule.com Follow on Twitter: @coModule


Funderful is an online fundraising platform for University Alumni.

Find out more: www.funderful.com Follow on Twitter: @itsfunderful


Nordigen helps financial institutions categorise client banking and credit assessment processes.

Find out more: http://nordigen.com


RangeForce is a cyber defence simulation company providing cloud-based cybersecurity training.

Find out more: https://rangeforce.com Follow on Twitter: @rangeforce

Reverse Resources

Reverse Resources is an online marketplace for leftover fabrics and textiles.

Find out more: www.reverseresources.net


SprayPrinter uses wireless technology to turn smartphone pictures into wall art.

Find out more: http://sprayprinter.com/ Follow on Twitter: @SprayPrinter


Timbeter is a smart-device solution for accurate timber measurement and data management.

Find out more: www.timbeter.com Follow on Twitter: @Timbeter

See photos from the event: 


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