The Day I met His Royal Highness The Duke of York

20140212_115202On the morning of Wednesday 12 February 2014, I was given the truly amazing opportunity and unforgettable privilege of presenting His Royal Highness The Duke of York with a birthday gift on behalf of Tollgate Primary School.

I felt ecstatic and nervous as His Royal Highness the Duke of York walked into the assembly hall. The atmosphere was filled with sensation and we were all eager to watch His Royal Highness unveil the special plaque to celebrate the opening our new conference suite. I was really proud when Mr Canning received a commemorative glass sculpture to mark his 10 years of service as Headteacher of Tollgate.

Eventually, after what felt like a lifetime, Mr Canning called out my name and I slowly stood up to approach His Royal Highness. The entire hall was silent. The only thing to be heard was a pin-drop. My heart was pounding as fast as an African drummer in full flow. As my nerves started to kick in, I became very anxious that I would forget my lines and started to sweat profusely. However, Prince Andrew gave me a big smile that helped boost my confidence and conquer my nerves.

The crowd watched with anticipation whilst the Prince graciously accepted the gift which was covered in shimmering, silver and shiny bows. I felt completely honoured as he shook my hand. This incredible, mesmerizing, unforgettable experience will be cherished dearly for my whole life!

Naadirah Sanji, Student, Tollgate Primary School.

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