D5 Summit

The Duke meets Neelie Kroes and Lord Browne of Madingley.

The Duke of York hosted a Reception at Buckingham Palace on 9th December, 2014 as part of the inaugural D5 Conference in London. The Reception was an opportunity to showcase Digital Entrepreneurs from the United Kingdom to delegates from across the five member countries and guests.

The D5 Summit is the collaboration between five leading digital governments to discuss a range of digital issues. These are South Korea, Estonia, Israel, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. During the summit each member country shared their experiences and discussed best practice for Digital Governments.

The nine Digital Entrepreneurs were, Crowd Emotion, Funding Circle, HyperCat, Kano Computing, Relative Insight, Skyscape Cloud Services. Therapy-Box, Code Kingdoms and YoYo, three of the [email protected] teams, also showcased their products.

Welcoming the D5 delegates, HRH said “I wish you every success as you try to make the digital world a reality to more people.”

See photos from the day here

Find out more about the D5 initiative: https://www.gov.uk/government/topical-events/d5-london-2014-leading-digital-governments

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