The Duke Attends The Royal Academy of Engineering Launchpad Event

The Duke of York attended the final of The Royal Academy of Engineering Launchpad competition at The Royal Academy of Engineering on 23rd September, 2014.

Three finalists pitched to the Audience.

Hind Kraytem, Radial Genomics

Radial Genomics have developed technology to improve the accuracy of breast cancer diagnosis by analysing changes in patients’ DNA. The new ‘Oncodyne’ system can provide a more definitive diagnosis through improvements in accuracy. The method is cheaper, faster and less invasive than existing tests. The technology has the potential to be applied to other diseases in the future.


James Popper, The Sinclair Kitchen Fire Detector

James identified that in the United Kingdom 68% of all domestic fires originate in the kitchen. The device uses patented infrared flame detection technology to detect fires as quickly as possible. Independent testing concluded that The Sinclair Kitchen Fire Detector reduces overall fire response times, leading to less damage and putting fewer lives at risk.

Dr Niall Kent and co-founder Dr Alessia D’Onofrio, Aerograft

Niall and Alessia saw the potential to improve the bone substitutes used in dental surgery. He is a post-doctoral researcher at University College London. They have developed Aerograft – a synthetic material they believe is more effective than current products.

The winner of The Royal Academy of Engineering Launchpad was Aerograft. They were awarded the £15,000 JC Gammon Launchpad Award.

The Duke said: “If we are to be a prosperous and successful nation we have to invest in young people and young people’s ideas. One of the best ways to do this is to challenge them to come up with solutions to the problems that most affect them.”

“The Royal Academy of Engineering does a great deal to encourage entrepreneurial activity in engineering, and I know that all three of Launchpad finalists joining the Academy’s Enterprise Hub will be successful in their own right.”

See photos from the day here

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