The Duke’s Visit to Kuwait – Day Two and Three

20140520 - Kuwait - The Duke meets HE Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah Al-Sabah Minister of Cabinet Affairs

The Duke and HE Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah Al – Sabah (Minister of Cabinet Affairs)

Education, enterprise and investment were the main themes of Day Two of The Duke’s official visit to Kuwait, as HRH met government ministers, business leaders and young entrepreneurs. Day Three focused on engineering and infrastructure.

In the morning on day two, The Duke met HE Mr. Esa Ahmed Al-Kandari, Minister of Communications and State for Municipality Affairs, to discuss how major Kuwaiti infrastructure projects such as the GCC Rail plan, the proposed Metro, and Foster and Partners designed Airport Terminal might benefit from the experience of recent developments in the UK, including Heathrow’s Terminal Five and the Olympic Delivery Authority. The Duke also heard from Kuwait’s Minister for Cabinet Affairs and Justice, HE Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah Al-Sabah, about the new Bubiyan Authority, which has been established to oversee a number of development projects including a port and new town in the North East.

Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciene

Over lunch, HRH met business leaders from the Kuwait’s finance and oil sectors, to discuss opportunities for extended bilateral cooperation on commercial issues. Areas covered included Kuwaiti investment in house-building in the UK, where the skills taught by the University Technical Colleges and other FE colleges are essential to success. The group discussion concluded with thoughts on how the Kuwaiti private sector could provide further support to young people seeking to enter business.

In the evening, HRH was hosted by the Amir’s Personal Representative HE Shiekh Fawaz Al-Khaled Al-Sabah at a dinner to mark The Duke’s visit.

The Duke views the plans for the new Kuwait Aiport

The delivery of the airport will require the Kuwaiti government to partner with a number of international companies with proven expertise in the delivery of complex aviation projects. The new passenger terminal was designed by UK architects Foster and Partners. In addition, a number of other British aviation business leaders were also present to discuss potential opportunities for collaboration across a wide range of areas including Construction Supervision, Operational Readiness and Transfer (ORAT) and the interim terminal which will be required to increase capacity during the construction phase.

Concluding his visit to Kuwait, The Duke thanked the Governor of Ahmadi for the warmth of his welcome and generous hospitality.

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