Ladder for London

MW_BUCKPAL_19032013_0332.jpgThe Duke is Patron of Ladder for London, an initiative launched by The Evening Standard in September 2012 to help tackle youth unemployment by creating more apprenticeships. The project is run with the assistance of youth development Charity City Gateway and a network of Further Education Colleges. The aims of the first phase of the campaign were to achieve 500 apprenticeship pledges from employers by Christmas 2012, and 100 placed in companies within 100 working days. These aims were exceeded and now Ladder for London has created more than 1,300 apprentices.

MW_BUCKPAL_19032013_0456.jpgFollowing the success of Ladder for London the model has inspired similar schemes around the country including Kent, Yorkshire, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire. Similar schemes are continuing to be launched around the country.

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