Pledge 1% Reception

The Duke of York hosted a Reception to mark the launch of Pledge 1% UK at St. James’s Palace on 4th February, 2016.

Pledge 1% aims to encourage corporate philanthropy in the United Kingdom, empowering companies and organisations to pledge 1% of their equity, products and employee time.

During the Reception, His Royal Highness met with business leaders and organisations, 25 of which have pledged to become involved in the programme.

Charlotte Finn, Vice President of Philanthropy and Engagement, Salesforce, said “imagine if we all gave 1%, what a difference we would make.”

The Duke said “By participating in Pledge 1%, you will be acting as an accelerant for a number of different people and a number of different streams of activity. The most significant one will be acting as an accelerant to your own Entrepreneurial business.”

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See photos from the event:

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