West Yorkshire Awayday

The Duke of York visited West Yorkshire on 19th April, 2016.

His Royal Highness started the day in Leeds where he opened KPMG’s new regional offices. The Duke met with employees, stakeholders and local school pupils. HRH said “I am impressed with this particular building as it is right for everyone to use together, in an efficient manner, communicating with one another, which raises productivity.”

The Duke of York, Chancellor, then moved on to the University of Huddersfield.

HRH presented The Duke of York Award for Young Entrepreneurs. Launched in 2013, the Award recognises students who have displayed remarkable Entrepreneurship skills whilst studying at University. The Duke watched Pitches from finalist teams and presented the awards to students from 19 Universities.  HRH said “In the past, Entrepreneurship and universities haven’t necessarily been as culturally united as they are today. Now, when I visit universities, I see them encouraging students, both undergraduates and graduates, to start their own businesses.”

Later, The Duke presented The Duke of York’s Community Initiative Awards to local charities. HRH founded the initiative in 1998 to recognise the contribution made by voluntary organisations in Yorkshire. The Duke presented the Award to over 40 local charities.

Find out more about The Duke of York Award for Young Entrepreneurs: http://thedukeofyork.org/entrepreneurship/the-duke-of-york-young-entrepreneur-award

Read more about The Duke of York’s Community Initiative: www.thedukeofyorkscommunityinitiative.org.uk

See photos from the visit: 

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