Education and Skills

“If we don’t support young people in getting a skill we’re not going to be a prosperous country – it’s as simple as that.”  The Duke of York

Millbank Academy, visit

Millbank Academy

The Duke believes it is important for young people to be offered a wide range of educational pathways. These opportunities will help them to develop relevant skills and experiences so that they may become economically active. HRH also believes employers should provide young people with opportunities which inspire them to develop the relevant skills.

What is The Duke of York supporting?
The Duke encourages and supports a wide range of providers of excellent skills, enterprise-focused education and apprenticeships, engaging with them to promote and develop opportunities for young people.  HRH also aims to recognise the success of young people, and encourage wider support from parents, businesses and other stakeholders.

Examples of Education and Skills organisations that The Duke supports include:

The Duke also has a range of Education & Skills related initiatives, including:

Click here for a full list of The Duke’s Education and Skills Patronages

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