Pitch@Palace 5.0 On Tour Manchester

The Duke of York hosted Pitch@Palace On Tour Manchester at Alderley Park on 2nd February, 2016.

Pitch@Palace On Tour Manchester was the second Pitch@Palace On Tour event, following Pitch@Palace On Tour London on 26th January, 2016. Pitch@Palace On Tour aims to provide Entrepreneurs from across the United Kingdom the opportunity to be involved with the program. The Pitch@Palace program connects Entrepreneurs to local stakeholders to receive mentoring to develop their business.

Dr. Christopher Doherty, site director at Alderley Park, moderated the event with 11 Biotech Entrepreneurs Pitching to an audience of CEOs, Angels and Mentors from the North West.

Opening the event, His Royal Highness said “Today is about you, it is about getting your message across to the judges, good luck and it is a great pleasure to be here. I look forward to hearing more from you.”

The winners of Pitch@Palace On Tour London were Exyo, Memrica and Promedstem. The three winners from each Pitch@Palace On Tour event went through to Pitch@Palace Boot Camp at The University of Cambridge on 22nd February, 2016.

During the visit, The Duke of York also toured the Alderley Park site and met with Blueberry Therapeutics and Red X, two companies based at Alderley Park.

Pitch@Palace On Tour Manchester Entrepreneurs included:

Aquaponics Lab

Aquaponics is a socially-oriented software and hardware innovation lab that is currently developing open-source sensors and controllers for aquaponic systems.

Find out more at www.aquaponicslab.org or follow on Twitter @aquaponicslab

Weather Logistics

Weather Logistics is a supplier of UK seasonal climate services, developing fine-scale forecasts to mitigate agricultural risks to food security.

Find out more at www.weatherlogistics.com or follow on Twitter @ukclimate

Lumbacurve International

Lumbacurve is designed to provide relief to sufferers of mechanical low back pain, focussing on L4/L5/S1.

Find out more at www.lumbacurve.com or follow on Twitter @Lumbacurve


Memrica Prompt is a digital back up memory, which helps people live well with conditions such as early dementia, mild cognitive impairment, stroke or brain injury.

Find out more at www.memrica.com or follow on Twitter @memrica


IntelliHep is a spin-out company developing novel drugs for Alzheimer’s disease and cancer, based on designer versions of the blood-thinning drug heparin.

Find out more at www.intellihep.com


Kancerbis is a Biotech start-up, re-purposing a clinical cannabinoid drug as a direct anti-cancer agent in a number of devastating cancers.

Find out more at www.kancerbis.com


Promedstem is a developing a stem cell product that will improve healing outcomes following surgical reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament in the knee.

Tumour Trace

Tumour Trace uses nanotechnology to increase health and reduce anxiety by screening for cancer with more accuracy, more speed and less cost than the best alternative.

Exyo Design

Exyo Design create novel, life-enhancing medical devices such as posture walkers, making outdoor activities accessible by foot for people with balance impairments.

Find out more at www.exyo.co.uk or follow on Twitter @exyouk

Team Screen

Team Screen provides an interactive dashboard display to help doctors and the medical team to resuscitate patients in life-threatening emergencies.

Floreon-Transforming Packaging

Floreon have developed and patented a high performance plastic produced from renewable resources, using plants and waste as a raw material.

Find out more at www.floreon.com or follow on Twitter @FloreonTP

See photos from the event:

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