[email protected] 5.0 On Tour London

[email protected] On Tour London took place at RISE London on 26th January, 2016.

[email protected] On Tour aims to connect Entrepreneurs with local stakeholders to receive mentoring to develop their business ideas. [email protected] On Tour London was the first event as part of [email protected] 5.0, which is focused on Biotech. Events will also take place in Manchester, Glasgow and Cambridge.

Richard Heggie, Head of Growth at Barclays, moderated the event with 19 Biotech Entrepreneurs pitching to an audience.

Opening the event, The Duke of York said “What ([email protected]) is trying to do is to increase the likelihood of your business’ survival by giving you more customers, more distribution, and mentorship. It is not simply about finance.”

Mutaz Qubbaj, Founder of Squirrel, who won [email protected] 2.0 in November, 2014 said “[email protected] is a catalyst which can truly change the trajectory of your business.”

The winners of the event were Adaptix, BeamLine Diagnostics and Playbrush. The three winners from each [email protected] On Tour event attended [email protected] Boot Camp at the University of Cambridge on 22nd February, 2016.

[email protected] On Tour London Entrepreneurs included:


Fossio aims to utilise the vast quantity of data the NHS currently has to improve patient outcomes.


illumr helps organisations better understand and predict patterns of behaviour that affect them.

Find out more at http://illumr.com or follow on Twitter @illumr


Scicasts provides a disruptive solution for accessing R&D papers and news, by harnessing the power of cognitive computing, saving users months’ worth of searching.

Find out more at www.scicasts.com or follow on Twitter @scicasts


DocDirect intelligently connects hospitals to doctors to fill vacancies in staffing, cutting agencies from the process and saving the NHS £500 million a year.

Find out more at www.docdirect.org.uk or follow on Twitter @docdirectuk


MyMed provides free access to GPs for chat consultations, on demand. An Uber for healthcare with revolutionary prescriptions and NHS clinician leadership.

Find out more at www.mymedhealthcare.com or follow in Twitter @MyMedHealthcare


Playbrush is a hardware technology startup that helps children with their daily oral hygiene by transforming toothbrushes into mobile game controllers.

Find out more at www.playbrush.com or follow on Twitter @TeamPlaybrush


Adaptix makes 3D X-ray imaging truly portable, safer and lower-cost, improving access to this vital medical diagnostic and disrupting a $5bn global market.

Find out more at www.adaptiximaging.com or follow on Twitter @adaptiximaging

BeamLine Diagnostics

BeamLine Diagnostics has developed a reliable and inexpensive pre-cancer screening system for rapid tissue biopsy analysis that can be operated at the point-of-care by nurses.

Find out more at www.beamlinediagnostics.com or follow on Twitter @BeamLineD

Keregen Therapeutics

Keregen Therapeutics is an early stage biopharmaceutical company developing disease-modifying small-molecule therapies for neurodegenerative disorders.

Find out more at www.keregen.co.uk or follow on Twitter @keregen

Cupris Health

Cupris Health provides a communication platform and smartphone-connected medical devices which enable the remote diagnosis and management of patient conditions.

Find out more at www.cupris.com or follow on Twitter @CuprisHealth

Elgenia Health

We source and deliver new technologies and innovative products to the area of men and women’s pelvic health rehabilitation in both the private and public sector

Find out more at www.elgenia.com or follow on Twitter @elgeniahealth

Fall-Safe Assist

Fall-Safe Assist provides hip protectors with inbuilt wearable technology to protect the wearer, detect all falls, monitor activity and send alarm messages via a mobile.

Find out more at www.hips-protect.com

Mr Patch

Mr Patch provides a solution to detect and diagnose people, especially kids, who are struggling to read, by analysing eye movements to improve literacy and visual skills.

Find out more at www.mrpatch.co

Parasym Health

Parasym Health has a medical device providing non-invasive stimulation of the vagus nerve to treat tinnitus and rheumatoid arthritis.

Find out more at www.parasym.co

Biotech Consultants

Biotech Consultants is an R&D company specialising in optimising the performance of microorganisms for enhancing microbial production of high value-added chemicals.

Find out more at www.biotechconsultants.co.uk

Hera Biotech

Hera Biotech reduces side effects of current anti-epileptics by selective targeting of epileptic brain regions using nanoparticles.


Medefer is a fast and cost-effective virtual specialist medical input for patients, on a platform with built-in clinical research tools to push the boundaries of medicine.

Find out more at www.medefer.com or follow on Twitter @medefer


The “Uber” for medical staffing. Tempo aim to save the NHS £3.7billion per annum by using an app to replace the medical locuming.

United Medicine

United Medicine is a platform that combines the learning need of clinicians with the challenge of translating research into practice. In short a ‘Tripadvisor’ of medical data.

Follow on Twitter @united_medicine

See photos from the event:

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