Message from Fintan Donohue – CEO of Gazelle

Fintan Donohue, CEO of Gazelle

Fintan Donohue, CEO of Gazelle

When HRH Duke of York invited Gazelle to meet with Nominet some 12 months ago to add some value to their campaign of recruitment for an outrageous vision of a million Digital Young entrepreneurs in Britain within 5 years, even I had my doubts about the scale of the vision.

Being at The Palace on Wednesday and seeing the excellent work created by so many committed people both within Nominet and across the corporate further education and voluntary organisations made that ambition seem realisable if challenging. The energy and joy of the young winners and the story of the build up around this programme is inspiring. It is yet another example of how HRH The Duke of York is using so much of his energy and time to bring often unlikely bedfellows into relationships and partnerships that can create much more in the collective than in the individual parts. Gazelle was delighted to play a small role in recruiting and promoting the scheme. As the ambition moves to 10,000 in the next 6 months, Gazelle will throw further commitment with its colleges behind what I believe could be an exceptional winner for Great Britain.

Very well done to all concerned.

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