The Duke Hosts [email protected]

The Duke meets young people at Dojo@Palace

The Duke meets young people at [email protected]

On Thursday 10th July The Duke of York hosted [email protected] – a coding workshop for young people at Buckingham Palace. 60 young people attended from five schools in the local area – St Barnabas CE Primary School, Millbank Academy, Westminster City School, Pimlico Academy and Westminster Kingsway College.

[email protected] was organised with and facilitated by CoderDojo – a not-for-profit organisation which seeks to teach young people how to code and improve their creative problem-solving skills. CoderDojo run dojos for young people throughout the UK and worldwide to learn how to code, develop apps, websites and games.

Students involved in The Duke's iDEA initiative, developing their GTracks app at Dojo@Palace

Students involved in The Duke’s iDEA initiative, developing their GTracks app at [email protected]

At [email protected], the young people were split into two groups – the younger children learning how to code using Scratch with the older children learning how to use HTML. Representatives from local businesses also attended [email protected] with the vision that they will continue to support a regular dojo in Victoria.

During the session, HRH encouraged the young people to continue to develop their coding skills beyond [email protected] The Duke also met with the representatives from the local businesses to develop support in Victoria for a regular, ongoing dojo.

At the end of the session The Duke challenged the young people to continue to develop their digital skills. HRH also commented:

“I’m really pleased that we’ve been able to invite CoderDojo into the Palace as a stepping-stone to getting more business in the local area to think about this.”

As part of the session, an inspiring Digital Enterprise Award (iDEA) team also gave a short presentation to showcase GTracks – an app they have developed whilst at dojos.

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