The National Studio Schools Student Conference

The Duke of York, Patron, hosted the first National Studio Schools Student Conference on 12th October, 2015 at Buckingham Palace.

The Studio Schools Trust unites the 40 Studio Schools across the United Kingdom. Studio Schools offer a range of academic and vocational qualifications to 14-19 year olds, including GCSEs and paid work placements. His Royal Highness became Patron of The Studio Schools Trust in 2014.

The theme of The National Studio Schools Student Conference was vocational education and student work. Students from Warrington Studio School, Liverpool Studio School, Rye Studio School, and Huddersfield Studio School presented examples of their work.

After the presentations, Sol Campbell answered questions from students. Sol Campbell said “we have to strive to create platforms and opportunities for everyone” and “opportunity and talent is everywhere.”

The Duke of York closed the event saying “education is different to training – training is something you are going to have to continue throughout your lifetime” and “you are the key to your future.”

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