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The Duke of York launched [email protected] Africa at St. James’s Palace on 1st December, 2015.

[email protected] Africa was the first Global [email protected] event and aimed to support Entrepreneurs, from, and connected to, Africa with the amplification and acceleration of their business ideas.

His Excellency President Olusegun Obasanjo started the event saying “I am delighted to join the launch of [email protected] Africa.” Aliko Dangote also shared his support saying “it gives me a great pleasure to partner with The Duke of York, and His Excellency President Obasanjo to support Entrepreneurship in Africa.”

Michael Hayman MBE, co-founder of Seven Hills, moderated the event with 10 Entrepreneurs pitching to an audience of Heads of State, Ministers, CEOs, Investors and Mentors. Guests at the event enjoyed Food and Drink from UK based Entrepreneurs.

After the 10 Pitches, the audience voted. Dr. Askwar Hilonga from Gongali Model, the winner of [email protected] said “my one responsibility now is to be a millionaire, of impacting millions of lives.”

The Duke of York said “the ideas and the people who have come here this evening to Pitch have all been outstanding.”

Find out more about the winner of [email protected] Africa:

Gongali Model

Gongali Model has created an innovative water filter that is adapted to absorb contamination found in water in local communities in Tanzania.

Follow on Twitter: @AskwarHilonga Find out more: www.gongalimodel.com

Find out more about the [email protected] Africa Entrepreneurs:

Africa Courier Express

Africa Courier Express provides technology-enabled last-mile logistics services in West Africa and powers the eCommerce and logistics arm of various eCommerce Companies, Financial Institutions and Healthcare businesses.

Follow on Twitter: @ACE_Africa Find out more: www.ace.ng


BabyLifeBox is a low cost, battery operated, cardboard baby incubator for developing countries, providing basic facilities for the child’s survival.

Follow on Twitter: @babylifebox Find out more: www.babylifebox.com


BluPoint delivers free access to trusted digital information and can be used to deliver health or other information.

Follow on Twitter: @_blupoint Find out more: www.blupoint.org


Entomos is transforming food waste into sustainable sources of fuel; biodiesel for vehicles, high protein feed for animals and organic fertiliser for plants, simply by using insects.

Follow on Twitter: @Entomos_UK Find out more: www.entomos.co.uk


Everledger provides methods of financing and insuring diamonds, helping to combat fraud by providing a system for stakeholders in the diamond pipeline.

Follow on Twitter: @everledgerio Find out more: www.everledger.io


Farmerline provides mobile services that improve the livelihoods of over 5,000 rural farmers through communicating timely and relevant agricultural information.

Follow on Twitter: @farmerline Find out more: www.farmerline.org


Habona provides affordable and environmentally friendly products in the form of biomass briquettes, organic fertilizers and biogas from waste.

Follow on Twitter: @habonaltd Find out more: www.habona.rw


PayWithCapture is a convergent payment system that aggregates QR-code payment, NFC-Beacon and all existing payment instruments into one application with offline capabilities.

Follow on Twitter: @paywithcapture Find out more: www.paywithcapture.com


Sacoma-Kericho Food Park is an integrated sweet potato Food Processing and Packaging facility in Kenya.

Follow on Twitter: @perez_SACOMA Find out more: www.sacomauk.com

See photos from [email protected] Africa:

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