[email protected] Alumni Event

The Duke of York attended a [email protected] Alumni Event at Wayra Academy on 2nd March, 2016. His Royal Highness founded [email protected] to support Entrepreneurs with the amplification and acceleration of their business ideas.

The event was attended by [email protected] Alumni from the four previous [email protected] events and Entrepreneurs participating in [email protected] 5.0.

His Royal Highness said “It is a pleasure to be at the Wayra Academy this evening, and it is wonderful to see some old [email protected] friends.”

Gary Stewart, Director of Wayra UK, said “The point of tonight is to create connections which will help you through your Entrepreneurial journey.”

During the event, guests and Entrepreneurs heard speeches from guest speakers and [email protected] Alumni. Guest speakers at the Reception included key business leaders from UNICEF, Mr and Mrs Smith and Unruly. Previous [email protected] People’s Choice winners Doppel (formerly Team Turquoise) and Whichit talked about their involvement in [email protected]

Find out more about [email protected]: http://pitchatpalace.com

See photos from the event:

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