[email protected] Food and Drink Suppliers

The Duke of York supports Entrepreneurs in developing new businesses. HRH decided to incorporate Entrepreneurs in the delivery of [email protected] on 5th November, 2014.

The following provided food and drink:

 1 Anspach & Hobday

Anspach & Hobday produce craft beer at their Brewery and Tap in Bermondsey, London. Products include an IPA, a Porter, Stout Porter, Table Porter and Smoked Brown Ale.The IPA and Smoked Brown beers were selected for the [email protected] event and were really enjoyed by the guests.

Find out more at: www.anspachandhobday.com or follow on Twitter at @AnspachHobday

 2 B-Tempted

B-Tempted produce a range of gluten-free cakes and brownies, using Belgian Chocolate and Free Range eggs.  The company has won three Great Taste Gold awards from The Guild of Fine Food. B-Tempted Founder, Sarah Hilleary, was extremely helpful in discovering and co-ordinating the Food and Drink Entrepreneurs for [email protected]

Find out more at: www.btemptedhq.myshopify.com or follow on Twitter at @BTemptedHQ

 3 Gosnells Mead

Gosnells Mead is an alcoholic beverage created by fermenting honey with water. Gosnells is London’s first “meadery” with their products brewed locally in Peckham, London.

Find out more at:  www.gosnells.co.uk or follow at @GosnellsMead

4 Half Hitch Gin

Half Hitch Gin was launched in September 2014 by Mark Holdsworth. The gin has, as its base, a classic 8 botanical copper pot gin from the Langley Distillery and then uses tinctures and distillates of single estate Malawian black tea, Calabrian Bergamot, English wood, pepper and hay which are crafted in an old gin warehouse in Camden Lock. Half Hitch Gin created a special cocktail for the [email protected] event, which included Port, Honey Water, Lemon Juice & Sparkling Wine.

Find out more at: www.halfhitch.london or follow on Twitter at @halfhitchmrh

5 Jealous Sweets

Jealous Sweets manufacture confectionary which contains no artificial colours or flavours.  The products are 100% vegetarian and gluten-free. Products include: Gummy Bears, Tangy Worms, and Sour Beans.

Find out more at: www.thejealouslife.com or follow on Twitter at @thejealouslife

6 Kinomi by Hiromi Stone

Kinomi produce flavoured, dry roasted nut products. The nuts contain no added oils or artificial ingredients. Products include: Cardamom, Spicy Chilli and Cumin.

Find out more at: www.hiromistone.com or follow on Twitter at @KinomiNuts

7 Leighton Brown

Leighton Brown manufactures ethically sourced crisps made with natural ingredients and no additives. Products include: Parsnip & Manuka Honey, Sweet Potato and Jalapeno, Beetroot Horseradish & Dill.

Find out more at: www.leightonbrown.co.uk or follow on Twitter at @LeightonBrownLC

8 Sweet Hangover Bakery

Sweet Hangover Bakery (SHB) is a Luxury Bakery specialising in alcohol-infused baked goods.Although SHB specialises in alcohol infused products, at [email protected], Founder, Harriet Green produced chocolate orange shortbread biscuits without liquor.

Find out more on Facebook: /sweethangoversbakery or follow on Twitter at @sweet_hangovers

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