[email protected] On Tour Bristol

[email protected] On Tour Bristol took place on 14th September, 2015 at SetSquared at The Engine Shed.

The Duke of York founded [email protected] to support Entrepreneurs with the acceleration and amplification of their business ideas.  [email protected] On Tour, which is part of [email protected] 4.0, aims to provide broader opportunities for Entrepreneurs from across the United Kingdom, and helps local Entrepreneurs connect to stakeholders to provide mentoring in developing their business.

[email protected] 4.0 is focussed on The Internet of Things and Smart Cities.

His Royal Highness watched 16 Entrepreneurs pitching to an audience of guests, including [email protected] alumni, CEOs, Angels and Mentors. Guests at the event enjoyed Food and Drink provided by Bristol based Entrepreneurs.

The winning Entrepreneurs at the event were YellowDog, Wriggle and Altitude Tech. They will attend [email protected] 4.0 Bootcamp in October, and [email protected] 4.0 at St. James’s Palace on 2nd November, 2015.

Closing the event, HRH said “I am impressed by the innovation and thought process in Bristol in finding solutions to problems and issues using technology.”

Entrepreneurs included:


Sensly is a portable pollution sensor that uses its onboard sensors to collect information which is fed into your smartphone for real time notifications about your surrounding air quality.

Find out more at www.altitude.tech/sensly or follow on Twitter @_Sensly


Bibliotech is the Spotify for textbooks; a web-app providing students with all of the books they need, at any time, and on any device, for a small monthly fee.

Find out more at www.bibliotech.education  or follow on Twitter @bibliotechedu

Esoterix Systems

Esoterix Systems’ intelligent mobility software enables operators to offer on-demand transport services with the convenience of a taxi for the price of a bus.

Find out more at www.esoterix.co.uk or follow on Twitter @Esoterix1


EV-Nav are developing a dedicated navigation app for electric vehicles that removes range anxiety through highly accurate range estimation and intuitive planning.

Find out more at www.evergreen-consulting.co.uk or follow on Twitter @EGCtechnical


Hoxy Tronic is a fuel saving and NOx, PM and CO2 emissions reduction technology for combustion engines.

Follow on Twitter @Dave4Thomas


Kemuri checks that older people who live alone, are warm, eating, drinking and moving around normally. As a result, the cost of health, social and residential care is reduced.

Find out more at www.kemuri.org.uk or follow on Twitter @KemuriSense

My Action Replay

My Action Replay provides users with edited video highlights from venues at the touch of a button.

Find out more at www.myactionreplay.com or follow on Twitter @MyActionReplay


NowTranscribe is an editor that takes the pain out of transcribing audio – it simplifies and significantly speeds up the process by using the latest technology.

Find out more at www.nowtranscribe.com or follow on Twitter @nowtranscribe


Pelipod provides the solution for audited, secure, unattended deliveries from any carrier for time-critical and overnight B2B and B2C deliveries.

Find out more at www.pelipod.com or follow on Twitter @Pelipod


Playbrush transforms toothbrushes into gaming controllers to make brushing teeth fun.

Find out more at www.playbrush.io or follow on Twitter @TeamPlaybrush

Sherlock Bike

Sherlock is the invisible and smallest GPS anti-theft device for bicycles, allowing cyclists to precisely locate their bicycles and retrieve them in case of theft.

Find out more at www.sherlock.bike  or follow on Twitter @sherlockbike


Simpalarm provides unobtrusive activity monitoring in the home, connecting older independent people with their informal caring network of family, friends and neighbours.

Find out more at www.simpalarm.com or follow on Twitter @simpalarm


UbiTech software enables mobile phones and other wireless devices to communicate directly with each other without an infrastructure network through the creation of ubiquitous wireless networks.

Find out more at www.ubitechit.com or follow on Twitter @UbiTechIT


Wriggle uses smart-pricing to allow customers to purchase last-minute products at nearby businesses, helping them to reduce excess capacity.

Find out more at www.getawriggleon.com or follow on Twitter @Wriggle_Bristol


YellowDog releases spare computer power therein providing animators with their own

Supercomputer, individuals who release their spare capacity earn money from their machines.

Find out more at www.yellowdog.co or follow on Twitter @yellowdogltd

Zeetta Networks

Zeetta Networks is developing and marketing Open Networking solutions for heterogeneous networks based on Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) principles.

Find out more at www.zeetta.com or follow on Twitter @ZeettaNetworks

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