[email protected] 5.0 On Tour Glasgow

The Duke of York hosted [email protected] On Tour Glasgow at The University of Glasgow on 9th February, 2016.

[email protected] On Tour Glasgow was the final [email protected] On Tour event before [email protected] Boot Camp at The University of Cambridge on 22nd February, 2016.

Jim Reid, Director and Founder of Scottish Life Sciences Association, moderated the event with 19 Biotech Entrepreneurs pitching to an audience of Scottish-based CEOs, Angels and Mentors.

His Royal Highness said “[email protected] On Tour is about broadening and widening the knowledge of the sorts of innovation that is going on outside of London.”

The winners of [email protected] On Tour Glasgow were Biogelx, Chitopolymers and Edinburgh Molecular Imaging.

[email protected] On Tour Glasgow Entrepreneurs included:

Barefoot Lightning

Barefoot Lightning provide an app for small holder farmers in developing countries. The app is science-based with animations to explain agri-practices to low literacy farmers.

Find out more at www.barefootlightning.com


MindMate is the fastest-growing Alzheimer’s app. It makes dementia patients more independent, improves the caring process and gives families peace of mind.

Find out more at www.mindmate-app.com or follow on Twitter @MindMateApp


Soapurity manufacture soaps and other beauty products that are designed to help those who suffer from eczema.

Find out more at www.soapurity.com or follow on Twitter @soapurity


Biosignatures develop blood tests and software to improve the diagnosis and treatment of cancers.

Find out more at www.biosignatures.com

Edinburgh Molecular Imaging

Edinburgh Molecular Imaging focus on the rapid commercialisation of in vivo optical imaging agents, which can diagnose cancer, inflammatory diseases, infection and fibrosis.

Find out more at www.edinimage.com or follow on Twitter @edinimage


IbisVision have a revolutionary test to detect glaucoma, the most common cause of irreversible blindness. The test is designed for use in developed and developing countries.

Find out more at www.ibisvision.co.uk

Beyond Medics

Beyond Medics is a medical technology company launching a camera-based remote monitoring system to measure heart rate and blood oxygenation level without the need for clips.


Holoxica provide holographic 3D solutions for medical imaging.

Find out more at www.holoxica.com or follow on Twitter @holoxica


Metix have designed a compact robust A&E vital signs monitor for outdoor use, capable of measuring 15 parameters, multiple trend analysis and real-time remote monitoring.

Find out more at www.metixmedical.co.uk or follow on Twitter @MetixMedical


Biogelx is a biomaterials company which designs tuneable peptide hydrogels for cell-based applications, including cell-based assays and regenerative medicine.

Find out more at www.biogelx.com or follow on Twitter @biogelx


Everna Labs is establishing the world’s first stem cell models of sporadic late-onset neurodegenerative disease in order to screen drugs targeting cell ageing.

Follow on Twitter @evernalabs


Optomize provide attention-based software and hardware to objectively monitor the learning curve of skill acquisition in medical training.

Find out more at www.optomize.solutions


Avipero is developing novel therapeutics for Parkinson’s disease, advanced breast cancer and viral haemorrhagic fevers.

Find out more at www.avipero.com or follow on Twitter @AVIPERO

Caldan Therapeutics

Caldan Therapeutics is a recently registered spin-out company focussed on developing novel small medicines for the treatment of type II diabetes.


Elasmogen is a “precision” biologics drug discovery company that develops soloMERs™ for site-specific treatment of auto-inflammatory conditions and oncology.

Follow on Twitter @ElasmogenLtd


Parkure’s mission is to find a cure for Parkinson’s by discovering drugs that stop the neurodegeneration process using an innovative drug discovery platform.

Find out more at www.parkure.co.uk or follow on Twitter @ParkureUK


Chitopolymers aims to extract the high-value, anti-microbial biopolymer chitosan from food waste (langoustine shells) for food packaging film production.
Find out more at www.chitopolymers.com


Healark’s mission is to enhance cancer survivorship. Their smart platform uses wearable tech & IoT to improve treatment journeys for patients, healthcare providers & families.

Find out more at www.healark.stikingly.com or follow on Twitter @Healark

Lamellar Biomedical

Lamellar Biomedical have a unique product that potentiates antibiotics for respiratory and ocular infections.

Find out more at www.lamellar.com

See photos from the event:

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