[email protected] On Tour Manchester

[email protected] On Tour Manchester took place on 8th September, 2015 at The Sharp Project.

The Duke of York founded [email protected] to support Entrepreneurs with the acceleration and amplification of their business ideas.  [email protected] On Tour aims to provide broader opportunities for Entrepreneurs from across the United Kingdom to become more aware of the programme and connect to local stakeholders to provide mentoring in developing their business. [email protected] On Tour is part of [email protected] 4.0, which is focussed on The Internet of Things and Smart Cities.

His Royal Highness watched 16 Entrepreneurs pitching to an audience of 170 guests, including CEOs, Angels and Mentors from Manchester and the North West.

The winners of the event were Innovative Healthcare Solutions, Howz and BlockDox who will attend Bootcamp in London in October, 2015. For a full list of the Entrepreneurs, please see below. 12 Food and Drink Entrepreneurs also attended the event to showcase their products to the guests.

The Duke commented “It has become clearly evident that we need to take what we do in London and to expand around the regions. This week we are in Manchester, next week we are in Bristol and the week after we are in Edinburgh. This is about finding more Entrepreneurs, more new businesses and raising the awareness amongst other people that there are fantastic businesses in the regions that don’t otherwise get the exposure which is rightfully expected”.

Following the announcement of the winning Entrepreneurs, HRH visited The Sharp Project. The Duke met with businesses based in the building and apprentices from The SharpFutures Programme.

For coverage on the event:




http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b068zmy7/north-west-tonight-08092015  (15 minutes in)

Entrepreneurs included:


BlockDox is a software platform and mobile application that enhances building management with real time and predictive intelligence using the Internet of Things.

Find out more at www.blockdox.co.uk or follow on Twitter @blockdoxuk



Braci has developed a sound recognition platform which is capable of detecting a wide range of sounds which are then pushed as easily understood sensory and visual notifications through to smart devices.

Find out more at www.braci.co



Dap’n is a creative mobile and web based platform which uses personalisation, analytics, game dynamics and social factors to engage and prevent progression of diabetes.

Find out more at www.yaidoo.co.uk or follow on Twitter @yaidooltd


Data Umbrella

Data Umbrella are health innovators developing SecureSnap, a programme which adds mobility and security. Data Umbrella are helping the NHS share data securely.

Find out more at www.dataumbrella.com



Deliverd empowers “busy people” to have a positive and powerful impact upon their city, through the simple decision of what to have for lunch.

Find out more at www.deliverd.co or follow on Twitter @eatdeliverd



Evidential Ltd

Exhibéo is an innovative and novel software/hardware solution which assists in revolutionising the Judicial System to achieve a digital courtroom.

Find out more at www.evidential.com or follow on Twitter @EPESolutions



Howz monitors the elderly’s use of everyday objects, learning what’s normal and alerting the family when things look out of the ordinary.

Find out more at www.howz.com or follow on Twitter @HowzNewz


Innovative healthcare solutions

Innovative healthcare solutions aim to revolutionise dental health with a consumer “Dental Scanner” that can detect early signs of cavities and allow direct dental tele-consultations for prevention.

Find out more at www.toothscan.net or follow on Twitter @Toothscan



Linktagger links people, places & things to the web using their Beacon & NFC platform. Linktagger enable Smart Cities through their devices which make mobile apps location aware.

Find out more at www.linktagger.com or follow on Twitter @linktagger


Lune Valley Dairy Farm

Lune Valley Dairy Farm aim to improve traceability of dairy products by using sensors throughout the chain. Sensors can be used to detect disease, production conditions, temperature control, species, origin and DNA.

Find out more at www.lunevalleydairy.co.uk or follow on Twitter @LuneValleyDairy


Made With Glove

Made With Glove is a UK wearable technology start-up designing fashionable heated gloves for women.

Find out more at www.madewithglove.co.uk or follow on Twitter @madewithglove



OfferMoments produce digital screens which change as customers walk closer.

Find out more at www.offermoments.co.uk or follow on Twitter @offermoments



Pre’sense give intelligence to home security systems and give the ability to remove false alarms.

Find out more at www.presense.io or follow on Twitter @PresenseHome


Shaping Cloud

The Shaping Cloud platform equips cities to build their own eco-system of apps and services, creating a marketplace that attracts Entrepreneurs and drives innovation.

Find out more at www.shapingcloud.com or follow on Twitter @shapingcloud



Shout is a mobile app that empowers individuals and organisations by providing relevant hyper-local information in real time.

Find out more at shout-app.com


Spritely Fire

Spritely Fire applies the commercial Internet of Things technology to the experience industry, starting with creating puzzles, tools and services for escape games.

Find out more at www.spritelyfire.com or follow on Twitter @spritelyfire


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