The Trampery, Old Street

Pitch@Palace Entrepreneur Elena Corchero demonstrates her new Smart Puppet.

The Duke of York opened The Trampery, Old Street on 2nd December, 2014. The Trampery is a shared workspace where creative and technology focused Entrepreneurs work and share ideas. The Trampery first opened in Shoreditch in London’s “Tech City” in 2011. The Trampery and now has five sites across London.

Over 300 companies have started and grown as part of The Trampery community across London. The Old Street space will focus on creating a platform for start-ups and established businesses to interact, via the co-created Publicis Drugstore.

HRH met Entrepreneurs in the Makers Lab from Publicis Studio and the Co-Working Space. The Duke heard about Kahoot!, 3D Scanbot and Seequestor and WAYN.

The Duke said, “It’s about the combination of social atmosphere, as well as collaborative working space. If one is looking at a way of being able to create that mix then I think that what Charles and The Trampery are doing around this part of London is truly outstanding.”

Find out more about The Trampery here:

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