Facts and Figures

In 2013, The Duke of York undertook a total of 473 engagements. This included 73 engagements linked to Education and Skills; 51 in the Science and Engineering area; 71 related to the Entrepreneurs and SMEs agenda; 110 connected with Patronages; 32 military-related events and 32 engagements in support of The Queen.

Across the entire programme, The Duke attended events involving over 29,000 people in 2013.

In addition, during 2013 HRH’s Office has been involved in organising 46 major events where His Royal Highness’s convening power has been used to enhance the profile and outcomes of each event.

HRH carried out 25 regional visits in the UK during 2013, to locations including:

• Buckinghamshire
• Cambridge
• Cornwall
• Devon
• Edinburgh
• Kent
• Milton Keynes
• Northern Ireland
• St Albans
• West London
• West Midlands
• Yorkshire

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