HRH The Duke of York, KG visits Australia – Day 10

Boot-Camp-Results-image-1280x842Today The Duke of York visited River City Labs, Brisbane to host [email protected] Australia 2.0 Boot Camp.

HRH welcomed the Entrepreneurs and opened the event before all of those there to Pitch met with their Elevators. NevHouse, last year’s winner of [email protected] Australia 1.0 and [email protected] Global 2.0 joined Blockgrain for an Alumni Q&A in front of the Entrepreneurs and guests.

Later in the day, the 41 entrepreneurs from the previous five On Tour events Pitched their businesses to the Audience. After the Pitches, the Judges deliberated before announcing the 12 Entrepreneurs who were selected for a three minute pitch at the final. The remaining 29 entrepreneurs will have 30 seconds to pitch their businesses ideas on 30th November in Brisbane at [email protected] Australia 2.0.

Opening Boot Camp, The Duke of York said: “Today is all about how we can add value to what we have already done in the earlier stages of [email protected] We are not here to teach, we are here to enable and enhance, and if you work on that principle we can do great things together.

“Friday’s [email protected] Australia 2.0 is where we will showcase all of your brilliant ideas to a particularly Australian audience. It is about showcasing what you are doing here in Australia, to Australians.

“Remember we are here to help you grow your businesses in any way we can. Over time things will start to fall into place because we are determined not to lose sight of you and will continue to work with you to enhance your businesses.

[email protected] is about a free flow of communication between your businesses and us. Pitch is building expertise in different markets and we will be increasingly encouraging you to think about different markets.”

The 12 entrepreneurs who will give a 3 minute pitch are:

• OncoRes Medical is developing a high-resolution imaging tool to allow surgeons to accurately remove tumours, reducing the need for additional surgery, which currently occurs in 30% of cases.
• Dreamweaver IP has developed an insulating packaging material from renewable materials that is recyclable in any recovery stream and can be used across global industries including agribusiness, aquaculture and biotech.
• WORK180 has flipped the traditional job platform model on its head, shifting the power to female job seekers by assessing and pre-screening employers.
• Ida Sports is designing the world’s best football boot for women that reflects the unique anatomical differences between men’s and women’s feet.
• Sobah produces premium non-alcoholic craft beer and other craft “adult” beverages infused with Australian Bush Tucker, an edible plant native to the Australian Bush.
• Staybil believes that the future of urban life depends on workforce geo-optimisation. It has created innovative machine learning powered software to reduce commuting and congestion.
• UPTEK is a health technology company that has launched “AirBands”, a blood flow restriction training device.
• PowerWells is a social impact start-up that aims to supply electric light and mobile phone charging to people living in remote communities.
• IDU Identification has developed a digital ID authenticator App that offers a safer and more convenient method for providing ID at licensed venues as well as offering a new, advanced ID scanning system.
• Maker Kids Club helps Year 6 students (11 year olds) to launch micro-businesses so they have the best chance of gaining full time employment and can manage money as adults.
• Littlescribe is an education platform solving Australia’s (and the world’s) literacy challenges by empowering Children to create and publish their own books.
• Athlete’s AI uses artificial intelligence to provide real-time video analytics for sports, putting video analytics in the hands of all athletes.

The 29 other entrepreneurs taking part in [email protected] Australia 2.0 can be viewed here

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