HRH The Duke of York, KG Visits China – Day 10

Traditional Chinese drummer keeping time during the Pitches at Pitch@Palace China 2.0
Friday 1st June 2018

• Beijing: Call with Beijing Party Secretary, Mr Cai Qui
• Beijing: Call with Mr Jiang Jianguo, Vice Minister of The Publication Department of the Central Committee of CPC
• Beijing:[email protected] China 2.0 Final

Today, Friday 1st June, The Duke of York held separate meetings with Beijing Party Secretary, Mr Cai Qui and Mr Jiang Jianguo, Vice Minister of The Publication Department of the Central Committee of CPC at the Daioyutai State Guest House.

After that, HRH hosted [email protected] China 2.0 at the DiaoyutaiState Guest House. Madame Xia Hua, Founder of [email protected] China introduced the event, after which there speeches by The Duke, Mr Wang Zhigang, Minister of Science and Technology, Mr Wu Hailong, President of CPIFA and Mr Hejun, Deputy Mayor Beijing Municipal Government.

12 Entrepreneurs selected at Boot Camp gave three minute pitches, while the remaining 30 had 30 seconds to present their businesses to the audience. Listening to the pitches was an audience of more than 600 influencers, including CEOs, Business Angels, Investors, Venture Capitalists, Mentors and potential business partners.

HRH announced YI Tunnel, China Craftsmanship and as the winners of [email protected] China 2.0, while RuxiTechnology was named as the winner of the People’s Choice Award – chosen via a public vote.

YI Tunnel aims to use AI and big data technology to revolutionise intelligent retail. aims to bring the most cutting-edge autonomous driving technology to Chinese road users, leading the revolution of mass transportation networks. China Craftsmanship has changed the fate of thousands of craftsmen in mountainous areas through charitable purpose and commercial tactics. People’s Choice winner RuxiTechnology aims to spread Chinese language and culture across the globe. It aims to make great contribution to the communications and collaboration between China and the rest of the world.

The Duke of York said at [email protected] China 2.0; “It is very important to be able to bring [email protected] to China. I started [email protected] to add value to the businesses and entrepreneurs we can support. This is a project that has global interconnectivity. If we are to be a successful and diverse economy in the future we need entrepreneurs. I see some incredible innovation going on in China.”

“You must never underestimate the serendipity of chance. These businesses are looking for mentors, board members, advisors, access to supply chains and distribution systems,and we want to make that happen.”

HRH paid tribute to Mme Xia Hua and Chris Yang , Founders of [email protected] China for their support with creating the programme.

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