The Duke of York visits Bahrain – Day 2

On the second day of the visit to Bahrain, The Duke of York celebrated 200 years of the Shree Nathji (Shree Krushna) Hindu Temple. The Temple is the oldest place of worship for the Hindu community in Bahrain and is a place for spiritual growth, cultural programmes and educational activities.

His Royal Highness then hosted [email protected] Bahrain 2.0, where 12 Entrepreneurs from across Bahrain, had the chance to Pitch their Businesses in front of an influential Audience.

Six of the Entrepreneurs who took part will now be invited to take part in [email protected] GCC 2.0 in November. The Event brings Entrepreneurs from across the region together and this year will take place in Bahrain. Find out more on the [email protected] website.

[email protected] Bahrain 2.0, marked the 42nd [email protected] Global Event, which has now helped 814 Entrepreneurs, from 61 countries across the world, generate £900m+ economic activity.

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