[email protected] 5.0 Boot Camp

The Duke of York hosted [email protected] 5.0 Boot Camp at The University of Cambridge, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, on 22nd February, 2016.

The event was organised in collaboration with The Entrepreneurship Centre at Cambridge Judge Business School. His Royal Highness became Patron of the Centre in 2015. [email protected] 5.0 Boot Camp was opened by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz.

[email protected] 5.0 Boot Camp provides mentoring and support to [email protected] Entrepreneurs, and gives the opportunity to hear from leading industry experts.

45 Entrepreneurs from around the United Kingdom were selected to Pitch their Biotech business ideas to an audience at [email protected] 5.0 Boot Camp. Included in the 45 Entrepreneurs were the 9 winners from [email protected] On Tour events which took place in London, Manchester and Glasgow. 14 Entrepreneurs were chosen at [email protected] 5.0 Boot Camp to Pitch at St. James’s Palace on 7th March, 2016.

During the event, guests and Entrepreneurs received insights into the Biotech industry, as well as Entrepreneurial advice from guest speakers.

[email protected] alumni Cambridge Coding Academy, Jukedeck and Polysolar attended [email protected] 5.0 Boot Camp to talk about their experiences of the programme.

The 45 [email protected] 5.0 Entrepreneurs participated in a mentoring session, with Business and Science Elevators, before delivering their 3 minute Pitches to the audience.

The [email protected] Judges selected 14 Entrepreneurs to Pitch at [email protected] 5.0.

Closing the event, His Royal Highness said “Thank you to Cambridge for allowing [email protected] to be here today, and thank you to all the Entrepreneurs for coming from all over the United Kingdom.”

The Entrepreneurs selected to Pitch at [email protected] 5.0 are:


Adaptix makes 3D X-ray imaging truly portable, safer and lower-cost, improving access to this vital medical diagnostic and disrupting a $5bn global market.

Find out more www.adaptiximaging.com Follow on Twitter @adaptiximaging


angioClast is a Cambridge based startup developing therapeutics and drug delivery mechanisms for various cancer types, with a current focus on brain cancers.

Find out more www.angioclast.com Follow on Twitter @angioclast

BeamLine Diagnostics

BeamLine Diagnostics has developed a reliable and inexpensive precancer screening system for rapid tissue biopsy analysis that can be operated point-of-care by nurses.

Find out more www.beamlinediagnostics.com Follow on Twitter @BeamLineD


Biogelx is a biomaterials company which designs tuneable peptide hydrogels for cell-based applications, including cell-based assays and regenerative medicine.

Find out more www.biogelx.com Follow on Twitter @biogelx


Doctify is a leading UK health platform which provides a solution for the millions of patients who want to search, compare and book doctors online.

Find out more www.doctify.co.uk Follow on Twitter @doctifyuk

Edinburgh Molecular Imaging

Edinburgh Molecular Imaging focus on the rapid commercialisation of in vivo optical imaging agents, which can diagnose and cancer, inflammatory diseases, infection and fibrosis.

Find out more www.edinimage.com Follow on Twitter @edinimage


Floreon have developed and patented a high performance plastic produced from renewable resources, using plants and waste as a raw material.

Find out more www.floreon.com Follow on Twitter @FloreonTP


Healx is a Tech Startup focused on personalised medicine for rare diseases. They apply big data analytics to identify the most suited treatment for patients in need.

Find out more www.healx.io Follow on Twitter @healx


illumr helps organisations better understand and predict patterns of behaviour.

Find out more www.illumr.com Follow on Twitter @illumr


JustMilk are developing a novel drug dosing device to administer lifesaving medicines to infants during breastfeeding, for treating the causes of child mortality globally.

Find out more www.justmilk.org Follow on Twitter @JustMilk


Medisieve is a medical device start-up commercialising a magnetic blood filter. The first medical device deveoped is for the drug-free treatment of malaria.

Find out more www.medisieve.com  Follow on Twitter @MediSieve


Nautilos has developed a device to diagnose childhood pneumonia (number one killer globally) in low resource settings, using affordable hardware and smart algorithms.


Playbrush is a hardware technology startup that is helping children with their daily oral hygiene by transforming toothbrushes into mobile game controllers.

Find out more www.playbrush.com Follow on Twitter @TeamPlaybrush


TINT allows anyone to have instant white teeth and improves general dental health.

Follow on Twitter @tintldn

Pitches were also given by the following Entrepreneurs at [email protected] 5.0 Boot Camp:


ActiveNeedle is developing innovative needle biopsy devices using ultrasound technology to solve two key drawbacks with conventional devices: imaging and needle bending.

Find out more www.activeneedle.com Follow on Twitter @ActiveNeedle


Alcove is an Internet of Things digital care service combining a wearable, in home communication device, behaviour monitoring, home automation and emergency response to enable older and disabled adults to continue to live independently.

Find out more www.youralcove.com Follow on Twitter @youralcove


Bio-Shape Ltd is a contract physical characterisation and instrument development facility for biomolecules using state of the art native mass spectrometry tools.

Find out more www.bio-shape.com

Caldan Therapeutics

Caldan Therapeutics is a recently registered spin-out company focussed on developing novel small medicines for the treatment of type II diabetes.

Cambridge Oncometrix

Cambridge Oncometrix is a biomarker discovery and validation company. It was founded to develop a novel non-invasive test for early detection of prostate cancer.

Find out more www.cambridgeoncometrix.com Follow on Twitter @COncometrix

Care Control

Care Control is a Cloud Based Care Home Management System, including medication management. The system is accessed via Windows, IOS and Android.

Find out more www.carecontrolsystems.co.uk


Chitopolymers aims to extract the high-value, anti-microbial biopolymer chitosan from food waste (langoustine shells) for sustainable food packaging film production.

Find out more www.chitopolymers.com  Follow on Twitter @chitopolymers

Cupris Health

Cupris Health provides a communication platform and smartphone connected medical devices which enable the remote diagnosis and management of patient conditions.

Find out more www.cupris.com Follow on Twitter @CuprisHealth


CuroSeven is a comprehensive blood testing and digital platform which integrates blood data with nutritional support and lifestyle changes to prevent disease and optimise health.

Find out more www.curoseven.com Follow on Twitter @curoseven


Docdirect intelligently connects hospitals to doctors to fill vacancies in staffing, cutting agencies from the process to save the NHS £500 million a year.

Find out more www.docdirect.org.uk Follow on Twitter @docdirectuk

Eagle Genomics

Eagle Genomics provides software and solutions for genomics data management to customers in life sciences and biotech industries.

Find out more www.eaglegenomics.com Follow on Twitter @eaglegen


Elasmogen is a “precision” biologics drug discovery company that develops soloMERs™ for site-specific treatment of auto-inflammatory conditions and oncology.

Follow on Twitter @ElasmogenLtd


eScent® owns patents for wearable technology, data collection and a family of health devices related to the sense of smell which deliver personalised aromatherapy treatments through individual ‘scent bubbles’. These patents have secured eScent® an exclusive market position.

Find out more www.escent.ai Follow on Twitter @scentsory

Everna Labs

Everna Labs is establishing the world’s first stem cell models of sporadic late-onset neurodegenerative disease in order to screen drugs targeting cell ageing.

Follow on Twitter @evernalabs


Exyo design novel, life enhancing medical devices such as posture walkers, making outdoor activities accessible on foot for people with balance impairments.

Find out more www.exyo.co.uk Follow on Twitter @exyouk


Fossio aims to utilise the vast quantity of NHS data to improve patient outcomes.

GPrX Data

GPrX Data turns prescription data into business intelligence to enable phama and medical device companies to leverage the commercial insights from big data.

Find out more www.gprxdata.com Follow on Twitter @gprxdata

Heartfelt Technologies

Heartfelt Technologies is developing the only home-based heart failure monitor that does not require patient interaction or compliance – saving the NHS £1 bn.



IntelliHep is a spin-out company developing novel drugs for Alzheimer’s disease and cancer, based on designer versions of the blood-thinning drug heparin.

Find out more www.intellihep.com


Keregen is an early stage biopharmaceutical company developing disease-modifying small-molecule therapies for neurodegenerative disorders.

Find out more www.keregen.co.uk Follow on Twitter @keregen

Lamellar Biomedical

Lamellar Biomedical have a unique product that potentiates new and old antibiotics. Animal models have produced excellent results for respiratory and ocular infections.

Find out more www.lamellar.com

LIFNano Therapeutics

LIFNano Therapeutics is a Nano-Bio-Med company focused on the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. Virtual structure enhances flexibility whilst ensuring quality through contracts.

Find out more www.lifnano.com Follow on Twitter @LIFNanoRx


Memrica Prompt is a digital back up memory, which helps people live well with conditions such as early dementia, mild cognitive impairment, strokes or brain injuries.

Find out more www.memricaprompt.com Follow on Twitter @memrica

Mujo Mechanics

Mujo Mechanics has developed a range of patented Class I ‘Connected’ Medical Devices to treat musculoskeletal injuries and disorders of the shoulder, hip and spine. The devices are currently in trials at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital.

Find out more www.mujofitness.com Follow on Twitter @MuJoFitness

Nanokick Technologies

Nanokick Technologies aims to radically reduce the cost of bone related research to enable next generation treatments for the $27 billion bone disorder market.

Find out more www.nanokick.com Follow on Twitter @Nanokicking.

Precison Medicines

Precision Medicines is a biotech startup dedicated to changing the lives of cancer patients by developing novel cancer medicines with companion biomarkers.

Find out more www.precimeds.com/#about


Promedstem are a developing a stem cell product that will improve healing outcomes following surgical reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament in the knee.


Smartbell is a fully integrated automation platform for farms. It is a wearable device for livestock, providing actionable insights and predictive analytics for farm planning.

Find out more www.smartbell.io Follow on Twitter @smartbellio


Sparrho is a search and recommendation engine for scientific information.

Find out more www.sparrho.com Follow on Twitter @sparrho

Team Screen

Team Screen provides an interactive dashboard display to help doctors and the medical team to resuscitate patients in life-threatening emergencies.

Virtual Vet

VirtualVet has produced an app and online portal to enable farmers and their vets to record, merge and build an EU compliance report of all animal treatments in near real-time.

Find out more www.virtualvet.eu Follow on Twitter @DrugTrack

See photos from the event:

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